Inspired in part by The Five Obstructions by Jørgen Leth and Lars Von Trier, the core artists of each participating company will submit, a few at a time and under a cold spotlight, to a list of obstructions delivered by a shadowy emcee. The companies will then be commanded to create their next production around those limitations. The obstructions for each company have been developed in secret by their peers - a custom-designed set of obstacles that will prompt each artist to adapt to a new approach to making theatre. Their individual tendencies toward form, place, style, theme, design, period, story are exposed and obstructed, spilling the artist's bag of tricks all over the stage and out of reach.

If you missed the first sold-out show by Boca del Lupo on May 26 - with its newspaper costumes and fiery ending - don't fret. We're up next (June 30) and the evening promises to be something quite unlike anything you've ever seen from us.

Think we can pull it off?

  1. The subject matter must be autobiographical.
  2. A limit of 100 words may be used.
  3. It must be done outside a conventional theatre. Site specific, but not at either David or Linda's house.

To add to the fun, at each Obstructions show the next theatre company on the list receives their obstructions, delivered under a spotlight by a shadowy emcee. Pi Theatre is next in the hot seat.

Join us after the show for an unobstructed party!